A Living Statement

I worked in an Italian company located in Saudi Arabia. All the experiences I’ve got there made me a better person. What I am now, and who am I now, somehow, are based on such experiences.

Not all experiences were good, or should I say, there were few experiences which I can consider good. Lots were really a terrible experience.

Dealing with other nationalities was really one of my struggles during my stay. Why? It was difficult. First, I’ve got to study their cultures, behaviors, and attitudes.

Some were patience, some were kind but lots were really bad ass.

Those who were given a chance to have a good position in the company, they acted as if they were untouchable. It seemed that their heads were disproportion with their bodies. They were so big headed individuals clothed with smelly-junkie rude personalities.

Second, I’ve got to mingle with them despite our differences. I was really struggling in this part since, I have to be really humble in order to reach out with them.

How can you relate to those guys who were acting as if they know everything where in fact they can even write a single correct sentence. YES! That’s true. They wrote an email as if they were just talking.

As a licensed English teacher who even passed in the comprehensive exam in Master of Arts in English Language Teaching, it was really hard for me to swallow the fact that was dealing with these people who can’t even use at least three fingers on the keyboard when they are using the computer.

I had a lot of fights, or should I say I had an ample of misunderstandings with them. But then again I managed to stand my grounds and expressed what I believe is true and correct based on the objective facts.

Lastly, I learned a lesson which is very beneficial to me who is working overseas. I worked now in a Spanish company, and I am trying to maintain a low-profile personality.

I don’t care if some colleagues would like to bully me or would try to impose themselves on me. What matters most is that, I for one believe, that I am not a fly by night employee.

Modesty aside, my higher education is more than enough to use as a barometer of my professional qualification. But my experiences in the Philippines and abroad would support my claim that I am now a better person.

Humble though I may seem, but my quality of work and my critical thinking would be a living statement of my own BEING.