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NEBOSH: IGC – International General Certificate

NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is the most in demand NEBOSH Qualifications nowadays.

Many companies especially those in the field of General Industries or even in the Engineering and Constructions are looking for Health, Safety and Environment Specialists who hold such qualifications.

I just want to note that there is NEBOSH qualifications dedicated solely for the construction industries, that is the NEBOSH International Construction Certificate which I won’t tackle yet in my NEBOSH series of articles. But once I’ve got this one, I will also include this in my discussions.

Meanwhile, there is an advantage if an applicant for health and safety (HSE) job has NEBOSH IGC qualifications simply because companies require their health and safety personnel to become a NEBOSH Certified.

Then, what is NEBOSH IGC all about? Wait, I will just discuss in this article what I have learned during my trainings and examinations while I was taking my NEBOSH IGC.

As I recall and understand, NEBOSH International General Certificate provides an excellent foundation in occupational safety and health, helping those who study it manage risk more effectively. It is because in the general industries or in any other engineering and construction sites, there are some risks which are present in the working areas and those who have NEBOSH IGC will be able to manage the risks effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, NEBOSH International Certificate is based on international standards and is suitable for people in any industry sector, anywhere in the world. I just want to emphasize that NEBOSH IGC is not only for those who are aspiring to start a career in health and safety, for it is also ideal for managers, supervisors, and employee representatives.

There are three methods of learning for those who would like to study NEBOSH International General Certificate. You may attend classroom trainings, a method which I chose when I took up this course.

You may also attend a blended learning in which you may attend some lessons in the classroom and you may continue learning on your own via online provided that you will have a constant communication with your trainer via phone or emails for unlimited support until you finish your course.

The last method that you may attend to is the distance learning or the e-learning in which the course materials will be provided to you and you can start learning anytime convenient at you. For those who don’t have luxury of time to attend to classroom trainings or blended learning, distance learning would suit their needs.

It is also backed-up with unlimited support from the assigned trainer via phone and emails. Forum online for the students is also available. This will be set-up by the course provider in order for the distance learning students to have a discussion on their own via online.

You may download contents so that you can study offline and review your lessons as you prepare for the exams which are offered worldwide.

Remember, lots of opportunities in health and safety industries will be coming your way once you become a NEBOSH Certified. Here is why.

The NEBOSH International Certificate is widely respected by employers worldwide; holders are entitled to apply for Associate Membership of IOSH and it meets the academic requirements for Technician Membership of IOSH and Associate Membership of IIRSM.

You may also continue learning and attain higher qualification by taking the NEBOSH International Diploma. NEBOSH IGC is a pre-requisite of the said diploma.

That’s all for now! I’ll be writing more on NEBOSH International General Certificate in my next article.

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