Safety Responsibilities

All personnel including managers, division heads, supervisors, foremen, employees, and contractors have the following safety responsibilities:

Manager/Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Establish and communicate safety rules and standards to all employees and contractors.
  • Provide appropriate resources, tools, and training for employees.
  • Award contracts using safety, health, and environmental criteria.
  • Conduct and document safety meetings.
  • Correct unsafe acts and conditions promptly.
  • Conduct routine safety and environment inspections and tours.
  • Maintain facility emergency plans and conduct regular emergency drills.
  • Investigate injuries, spills, and other incidents and promptly provide corrective actions.
  • Review organization and employee safety performance periodically and provide feedback.

Employee Responsibilities

  • Comply with applicable rules, standards, and safe work practices.
  • Communicate safety rules and standards to contractors and coworkers.
  • Maintain knowledge of safety requirements, including emergency response action.
  • Participate and safety meetings.
  • Assist in incident investigations as necessary.

Safety Responsibilities

Contractor Responsibilities

  • Ensure that contractor employees and their subcontractors are trained in safety rules and are competent in their craft or skill.
  • Comply with all rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Report injuries, spills, unsafe acts and conditions, near misses and incidents immediately.
  • Operate SA equipment only with proper authorization and certification.
  • Hold pre-job meetings and other safety meetings during the job.
  • Assist and incident investigations as necessary.

Report Incidents

  • Immediately report all related injuries/illnesses or vehicle collisions, no matter how slight, to your supervisor.
  • Immediately report all fires, spills, and releases, no matter how small to your supervisor.
  • Immediately report all unsafe condition, practices, near miss, or incident to your supervisor.

ReferenceSaudi Aramco Safety Handbook: Minimum Safety Rules