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Jubail Industrial City

Jubail Industrial CityOne of the provinces in the Saudi Arabia is the Jubail City.  It is located at the eastern area which is considered as one of the Industrial Cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
Many Industrial constructions in Saudi can be found in Jubail.  This is designated by the Kingdom as its Industrial City wherein petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, steel works, industrial port and huge number support industries are located.  The 4th largest petrochemical company, SABIC, is also here. 
Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is a desert.  Thus, a problem with water is a big question.  However, the world largest desalination plant, Marafiq is here in Jubail.  It provides the 50 % supply of water all over the Kingdom.  Therefore, there are lots of supplies of water in Jubail.
Jubail is just a small city in Saudi Arabia but it is the largest city with regards to industrial plants.  As a matter of fact, “Jubail, Saudi Arabia, is the biggest civil engineering project in modern times—and it's getting bigger” (, for there is an additional project which is called Jubail II Industrial City
Because of many projects here in Jubail, there are lots of expatriates working in this so-called Industrial City.  The huge amount of foreign workers is having their shopping at the City Proper every Friday. 
There are really lots of people roaming around.  They are workers from Bangladesh, India, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Korea, Thailand, and Filipinos, just to name a few.  They are strolling around there in the City. 
One of the places where Filipinos are hanging out is the Jubail Center.  This is just a small shopping mall wherein workers spend their day-off by shopping, dining, and relaxing. 
The center island of the street however is flooded with other foreign nationals, roaming and chitchatting with one another, most of them are Indians and Nepalese. 
So, Friday is really a “TGIF” for the workers in Jubail, the Industrial City.